Tidy Daps - The What

(inc Sumsuch, Yigit Atilla Remixes)

UMR043 - UM Records

Released: 17 Nov 2014


Tidy Daps make a return to UM Records with an EP packed with beats, moods and grooves. Opening with The What it’s straight to the dance floor with this no nonsense tribal infused sound whilst Santos throws some swagger and vocal touches into the sticky club air. Both tracks are sure to get you moving. Sumsuch once again graces UM with another stunning rework. Intricate layers of audio pleasure driving on amidst a sun-kissed dreamy mood that’s got chill-out set and sunset moods at it’s very heart - just beautiful again from the Colour & Pitch man. Yigit Atilla is back again too with a laid back hypnotic remix that carries you with it as it builds and wanders in the very best of emotive deep house. Wrapping things up comes the third original track, The Lie - tinkling keys and classic beats whipping up a gem of a track that transports you to the soul of the underground.


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