Sen-Sei & Jesse Brooks ft Frank H Carter III - One Of Those Nights

(inc YSE, Andrew Chibale Remixes)

UMR044 - UM Records

Released: 26 Jan 2015


20 years of house music behind him sees live synth performer Sen-Sei (Nightbird, Dutchie Music) and DJ Jesse Brooks aka The Atwater Syndicate come to UM supported up an all star bass-drive house crew of YSE, Andrew Chibale and vocals from the amazing Frank H Carter III (Large, iRecords). One Of Those Nights kicks us off in keyboard-crazed, baseline bounding, West Cost energy packed style, tingling with soulful vocals courtesy of Frank H Carter III - all building a huge summer feeling tune, heading direct to the dance floor! Ant Plate aka YSE (Lost My Dog, Wasabi) delivers an even tougher baseline to the sound, taking back the tempo but adding more drama with his intense techier slammer. Andrew Chibale (Salted Music, Open Bar) continues the A-List pedigree on this EP with his remix - a pure West Coast-deep house sound - sultry, laid back houseness that ripples with funk and musicality. The instrumental offers another dimension, showing off the swaggering keys-driven quality of the Original while the acapella will have the hairs on the back of your next standing to honour such a voice.


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