Phasen - Digital Block

(inc Karol XVII & MB Valence, Loz Goddard Remixes)

UMR045 - UM Records

Released: 16 Feb 2015


Florida based Phasen returns to UM Records after a hugely impressive remix of Greenfish in 2014. The EP reprises several releases that featured on the now defunct 5 and Dime Recordings along with a brand new rework of the title track Digital Block. The EP sees the long awaited return of Karol XVII & MB Valence and the highly rated Loz Goddard (Large Music, Open Bar) making his first appearance on the label. The EP opens with Digital Block (Phasen 2015 Remix) and a sound that perfectly reflects Phasen’s characteristic slant on electronic deepness. Throbbing and techy, weaving and wandering in glorious style. The Karol XVII & MB Valence Loco Remix of Off The Cuff, by Phasen and sometime production partner Refurb is a pure dancefloor tune that’s brimming with energy and menace - a must for the darker moments of sets. Loz Goddard’s remix is another club orientated track, with chunky jungle beats and drifting chords - watch out for the break down it’ll ignite the room when it drops back in. Finally comes the original Digital Block. A dreamy deep house affair that brings the night to a calmer close.


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